Disputes processes

The concept of the disputes process or a complaints process is common to most of the sustainability standards, especially those under the ISEAL alliance.  This is because these standards are often predicated on the principle of involvement of a wide range of stakeholders.

Businesses often have a very negative approach to a disputes or complaints process considering it a necessary evil rather than integral part of sustainability approach.

In fact a framework for efficient disputes and complaints process offer the business and understanding on how to deal constructively with disputes and how to deal with some of the intractable disputes that otherwise may impact upon the certification .

Pinnacle Quality can help develop a documented approach and meet certification standards

Pinnacle Quality can work with clients to identify the required elements of a disputes process to meet the certification standard in question and assist the client to develop a documented approach that can be incorporated into the business.

Pinnacle Quality has been involved in developing disputes resolution strategies for individual business both large and small across many countries and operations.  Kevin OGrady of Pinnacle Quality was the author of the current FSC Australia disputes resolution procedure.

Dispute processes resources

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  Proposal for Disputes and complaints process
FSC Australia Dispute Processes pdf