European Union Timber regulations

A new EU Timber Regulation which entered into force on 2 December 2010 will, as of 3 March 2013, make it illegal to place illegally harvested timber and timber products on the EU market. The legislation will require that due diligence is applied to all timber first placed on the EU market and also that traders, further down the supply chain, keep track of who timber or timber products were bought from, and where applicable, who they were sold to. A competent authority will be appointed to carry out the checks to verify that the law is complied with.

Although the new regulations have caused a degree of confusion there are some clear indications of what is required.

If you are ‘placing timber or timber products on the market’ — i.e. if you buy timber or timber products directly from a supplier outside the EU or you are producing timber in the EU You need to do a due diligence exercise to ensure legality of the product from your supplier.

If you are a Trader, buying or selling timber products to a buyer in the EU you will be asked by that buyer to provide evidence of the legality of the wood or wood products you are selling as part of their due diligence.

What sort of system do you need to present to track products and inputs back to a legal source?

Will certification like FSC or PEFC be sufficient proof or do you need to do more?

Pinnacle Quality can help you analyse your business and provide a solution to EUTR issues.

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