High conservation values (HCV) approaches

The concept of special values and high conservation values (HCV) encompasses a range of issues that the operation may impact upon and that need to be managed. Many sustainability standards base their requirements for management of special values on existing frameworks and in some cases the framework is regionalised. In all cases the concept of special values requires that:

• The values are known,

• The values are understood and a strategy is in place to manage these values such that they are preserved and even enhanced. Typically new entrants to sustainability certification consider high conservation values as equating to rare and endangered species or ecosystems. Whist these are components of special values management they are not exclusive.

High conservation values (HCV) Consulting services

Pinnacle Quality helps you identify the special values or high conservation values impacted by your business and understand these impacts and potential management strategies to mitigate those impacts.

Pinnacle Quality’s experience with HCV

Pinnacle Quality have been involved in developing HCV strategies for individual business both large and small across many countries and operations. In addition principal consultant Kevin O’Grady of Pinnacle Quality has been in involved, as inaugural chairman, in the development of a national approach to high conservation values management in Australian forestry via FSC Australia.

HCV resources

See FSC Australia’s high convervation values policies and standards

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