Rainforest Alliance (RA)

The Rainforest Alliance is an international organization promoting sustainability in business, agriculture, and forests to make responsible business the new normal.  Established over 30 years ago the Rainforest Alliance little frog seal is one of the most recognised sustainability logos in the world and well recognised by consumers wanting to make responsible choices.

Rainforest Alliance has sustainability standards covering Agriculture, Forest products and Tourism.

For Agriculture the Rainforest Alliance 2020 Certification Program is a significant reimagining of sustainability at both the production level and through the supply chain.

Recently UTZ standard combined with rainforest Alliance under a single scheme.  The resulting Rainforest Alliance Chain of Custody standards especially moves well beyond traditional supply chain system.

Pinnacle Quality s experienced in Rainforest Alliance systems and standards including experience in conducting certification audits at the field level and experience in chain of custody auditing.

Contact us for a proposal to get your company certified to the Rainforest Alliance standards especially transitions from UTZ chain of custody certification to Rainforest Alliance 2020 certification. (LINK to info@pinnaclebypinnacle.com)