Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)

The RWS requires all sites to be certified, beginning with the wool farmers and through to the garment manufacturer.

RWS is part of a suite of standard that Textile Exchange develops and manages as a suite of standards that provide the industry with a way to verify sustainability claims from the raw material to the final product.

RWS Certification is a tool for companies to validate and communicate sustainability claims about their products reaching back to raw material level. Certification offers a way to verify key consumer concerns such as environmental, social, and animal welfare practices and to confirm that the final product is traceable to best practice.

Pinnacle Quality has experience in developing RWS schemes including group approaches. At the farm level Pinnacle Quality has a special skill of developing management planning approaches that addresses the requirements of the RWS standards that is also complimentary with current on farm practices.

At the manufacturing level Pinnacle Quality has extensive experience in the kinds of  “Chain Of Custody” systems required for RWS certification.

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