Friday 21 July 2017
Melbourne, Australia

Pinnacle Quality wins Alliance Water Stewardship seal of approval

Group’s sustainability expertise will support training in the AWS standard

Sustainability consulting and audit company Pinnacle Quality has been approved as a training organisation by the Alliance Water Stewardship, a global membership-based collaboration that promotes responsible use of freshwater.

Pinnacle Quality now becomes one of the very first approved Alliance Water Stewardship (AWS) training providers. Its expertise in emerging high-end sustainability standards and legislative requirements will be used to offer training to auditors in the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard (the AWS Standard), an independent and credible standard for sustainable water use.

The courses will be at three levels: foundation, advanced and specialist training. The advanced and specialist training will be specifically tailored to auditors and relevant audit scenarios. AWS Standard courses are being scheduled for Bangkok and Edinburgh this year. Keen interest is also being expressed in proposed courses being held in the coming months in Australia and New Zealand.

Many major national and international companies in areas as diverse as pulp and paper, meat production and supermarket retail are seeking AWS certification, seeing it as both an important differentiator and as a guarantee to customers that the products they sell are sustainable.

However, the certification process for the AWS Standard is a relatively recent innovation. Kevin O’Grady, principal consultant for Pinnacle Quality, is one of the few established sustainability auditors to have the experience required to offer such training.

O’Grady has been involved in water stewardship since 2006. He has worked on projects in Australia, Africa and South America in water stewardship for many industries including meat production, off channel irrigation, cut flower production and wine production. He is also an approved consultant under the AWS and has audited companies to the AWS standards on behalf of an approved AWS certifying body.

He says: “The significance of the AWS standard is hard to overstate. Sustainable water use is one of the biggest concerns in corporate social responsibility today and demand for trained auditors is certain to grow. We are delighted that our work in this field has been recognised and that we are working with this important and globally respected standard.”

About Pinnacle Quality
Pinnacle Quality offers a range of sustainability and quality-based business solutions. We help businesses build on their sustainability systems and identify commercial and competitive advantage through our extensive knowledge of emerging high-end sustainability standards and legislative requirements. Kevin O’Grady, principal consultant for Pinnacle Quality, has over 25 years of experience in helping companies to meet high-end sustainability standards and improve their social and environmental performance, ensuring that they not only meet market requirements but realise the commercial benefits of doing so.

If you are interested in having AWS training for your company or for yourself please contact Pinnacle Quality.

About the Alliance For Water Stewardship
AWS is a global membership-based collaboration. It unites organizations behind its mission: to lead a global network that promotes responsible use of freshwater that is socially and economically beneficial and environmentally sustainable. AWS achieves this through a global water stewardship system, centred on the International Water Stewardship Standard (the AWS Standard), which drives, recognizes and rewards good water stewardship performance. See

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