Water Stewardship – certification and public reporting. Where is the commercial opportunity for the services, Infrastructure and utilities sectors?


Around the world there are an increasing number of certification standards that companies use to demonstrate sustainability and programmes where companies can publicly report their progress.

As a key issue sustainable water use is now part of a global standard under the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). In addition a reporting framework exist under the Carbon Disclosure project (CDP) water program aimed at publicly reporting stewardship of water to corporate investors.

Whist the Services, Infrastructure and utilities sectors don’t normally seek certification or report themselves but their customers often do.

These standards and reporting programmes often require information from monitoring and measurement, including mapping and remote sensing. Utilities and infrastructure often need comply with specific sustainability criteria for certification for example for energy or water efficiency.

If you are providing services or products what is the added value you can offer to customers to help them in their water stewardship goals? In other words where is the commercial opportunity?

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