It is a little-known fact that if you go into a supermarket something more than 50% of everything you see there has got palm oil in it.  The assumption may be that it is just in food products, wrong, it’s also in toothpaste, cosmetics, sun tan oil, ….  you name it. How could this be, given we know that Palm Oil is evil, and we should boycott it, right?  Wrong, the world’s largest environmental activists are arguing against a boycott and are in favour of supporting sustainable palm oil certified by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).    Something does not add up.  Consumers are not aware of the amount of Palm oil in products,  They are rightly being told that unsustainable “dirty” palm oil growing is destroying forests and killing rare species but the only option they are being given is a Boycott.  They have not heard of Sustainable Palm oil or RSPO and are unaware that sustainable palm oil is supported by major environmental groups.  They also can’t see the RSPO certified sustainable palm oil trademark in the supermarkets so can’t select it.

Listen to this interview with Kevin OGrady of Pinnacle Quality on Radio 4ZK in Townsville Australia examines the issues.

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