For sustainability and water management professionals & specialist service providers. This one-day course is accredited and recognized by AWS and will equip water management and sustainability professionals with the knowledge they need to implement or promote water stewardship in their operations. The course satisfies the structured training requirements to meet the Level 1 and 2 requirements for professionals seeking accreditation as an AWS accredited auditor, consultant or trainer.

How water stewardship can be situated within an overall suite of policy options for water management.

Key elements of stewardship systems and how these are implemented in the AWS system.

Utilising various risk and conformity tools within a water stewardship system.

How water stewardship is being applied in various organisations and sectors.

The criteria, indicators and intent of each step of the AWS Standard and how to navigate the glossary and guidance material associated with the AWS Standard

How the AWS Standard can be applied in various different contexts.

The processes for verification of conformity with the AWS Standard.

The support available for water stewardship projects and compliance requirements

The relationship between the AWS Standard and other water management and sustainability initiatives.


Sustainability professionals, major water users, the water and wastewater industry, catchment mangers and water policy makers.

Personnel employed at water using sites looking to apply the AWS Standard

Those seeking accreditation as an AWS auditor, consultant or trainer.

Staff from water and natural resources management agencies interested in working with sites to implement good water stewardship

People managing sustainable supply chains interested in working with their suppliers to manage water issues and risks.

This training is approved by AWS and is part of their professional credentialling system.

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