Do you import components made from wood – or wood or paper products?

 Since the start of the year the legal landscape has radically changed.

 Are you ready?

It sounds straightforward: from 1 January 2018 your company must have a documented due diligence system to meet the requirements of the Commonwealth Illegal Logging Prohibition Act and Regulation 2012.

However, such systems are not simple to put in place – and there are very few unregulated goods under this scheme.

You must now be able to make a customs declaration that your imported wood products are from legal sources. If you can’t prove this, you could be prevented from sourcing any raw materials or components that fall under the scope of the legislation until you have a due diligence system in place.

Put simply, if you import regulated goods, not having a documented due diligence system could be disastrous for your company.

Pinnacle Quality has years of experience in due diligence work across industries as diverse as water, Agricultural crops, paper and wood. Our experts can tell you whether your goods fall under the requirements of the Act and how to respond if they do. We are thorough, efficient and above all, informed. We can support you in putting together a due diligence system that meets your needs and those of the law.

Pinnacle Quality: clarifying compliance