Chapter 2: Dispute, complaint and issue resolution procedure


Dispute, complaint and issue resolution procedure

Product Description

All businesses can experience disputes. In almost all disputes some basic concepts of dispute resolution can be applied. These will help manage the issues and comply with sustainability standards, all of which require such a process.

Some disputes may seem intractable, invalid or motivated by other agendas. However, although resolution it is always the goal, compliance is not always about resolving disputes. It is also about following a dispute resolution process and demonstrating a genuine attempt to resolve an issue in good faith. The process remains roughly the same whatever the circumstances.

This section offers an outline of a dispute resolution process. Remember, this is an outline of principles. It is up to you to adapt these and make them work for your company. Throughout the chapter, although a specific term such as ‘dispute’, ‘complaint’ or ‘issue’ may be used, the process should be considered the same for dealing with all three.