Product Description

Pinnacle Quality has coordinated the group since 2005 which grew to be a wider cluster group of over 8 companies and organisations wishing to follow Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) issues from the perspective of chain of custody certificate holders.

The success of this group is based on the fact that most companies are too small or don’t have the expertise in house to follow the FSC and to understand the implications of new standards and policies on their business.

What is included:

• Follow and report on developments as they occur from FSC International and FSC Australia.

• Meetings and phone conferences on an as required basis.

• Coordination of the Australian cluster with the CANZUS group

• Submissions on behalf of the group (one per year).

• On call / e mail advice on issues like requirements of corrective actions at audit and respond to network participants Ad hoc questions and advice on the implications of FSC policy, standards and issues.

• Free access to simple forms and formats for writing systems to meet FSC requirements e.g. social impact assessment, Rapid assessment tools for HCV and formats for managing FSC credits.

•  A chance to coordinate with other members on issues and submissions.

• Discounted rates for larger jobs like appeals on audit decisions and development of documents and plans to meet FSC audit requirements.